The Shadow Program

A college program that exceeds expectations.


The Society of Hispanic Engineers has always done things differently, including developing students. As a participant of the Shadow Program, you’ll work with different companies through various workshops, expand your comfort zone by participating in team activities, and develop a professional mindset that will get you to start thinking about your future. And like college itself, you'll explore different areas of study that will take you one step closer to where you want to be — and even where you've never imagined.


Developing the leader within.

Our organization encourages its members to become leaders and take on different task that will allow them to gain experience and develop other skills. During the Shadow Program, we continue this idea with our younger students. We offer them several team building activities as well as development workshops that will help them become more prepared as they start thinking of transition from a high school student into a college professional.

Grow professionally with our company workshops.

One of our pillars is professional development of our members and we do everything possible to bring the best to them. During the Shadow Program, students are exposed to different companies that attend the program and host workshops for the students. Through these workshops we motivate students to start creating a network with professional in fields that they might be thinking of going into. Company workshops are also great for expanding on your resume experience since you will be working in projects given by the company based on current company events.

A family away from home.


make friends that last a lifetime...

The Shadow Program hosts students from different high schools around NJ. We encourage students to work in teams when doing their projects. All of our students spend their stay in groups which promotes self development among them as well as friendship. Some of them even come back to future shadows together!

We are known to have a familia -family- feeling in our organization and we hope to pass that onto our attendees by creating more opportunities where they will be able to talk and work with each other.


A word from our students.

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Elizabeth Aguirre - wEST nEW yORK hiGH sCHOOL

Attending the Rutgers Engineering Shadow Program enabled me to not only become a better student, but also a more confident one. Here, I had the opportunity to meet Rutgers Alumni, ask them questions, participate in tasks that prompted me to think like an engineer, and immerse myself in the Rutgers Environment. Before participating, I knew what my academic interests were. However, I was not fully aware of the many engineering branches that are available to study. If I had a question about a certain major, be it industrial, mechanical, biomedical, or chemical engineering, there was always a SHE student available to answer. This was extremely helpful because I was able to determine whether or not one field was right for me. At the slightest demonstration of curiosity about a subject, I received an abundance of resources to reference. For example, when I asked to hear more about computer science, I was shown assignments, recommended programs, and suggested lectures to watch. To this day, I trace back my love for coding, along with my determination to continue studying engineering, to the Shadow Program. An ongoing support system like the one SHE provides, even after the event is over, is unique because the members really get to know and care to help you. It is easy for young students to get overwhelmed by the idea of college, and opportunities like this one make a difference. Not only did I grow as I student, but the welcoming SHE family and the program’s events easily proved that there is a place for you at Rutgers.


Kenyi Vivanco - hARRISON hiGH sCHOOL

Being part of the Shadow Program that took place in the fall of 2017 has changed the view in how I see the Rutgers environment as a whole. The program was based around high school seniors who are interested in the field of STEM and want to thrive for greatness in their respected fields. The program improved my cooperation and it made me step out of my comfort zone because not only did I not know anyone at the program, but when we were put into teams during workshops I tried my hardest to become more talkative and give the team ideas. This resulted in my group coming out successful on the task they gave us. I opened myself more and started to participate more with the program and I felt like I started to fit in the Rutgers lifestyle. This boosted my confidence and certainty of attending Rutgers next year because I am already familiar with the Shadow family and feel at ease when I start the next chapter in my life as a Rutgers student this coming fall.


Randy Roque - John F. Kennedy hIGH sCHOOL

The Shadow program is one of the best programs I have done. I think is one of the programs that has everything because of the many things we do. During the program we played games, we built towers, cars, catapults, and a lot of other things, we tour the campus of Rutgers New Brunswick, we dorm with students and were able to have a better understanding of how being a college student is like, and we also had information sessions with faculty members to understand more about the different engineering fields that there are. In general, I would recommend this program to any of my friends because of how great it is and all the cool things they do.


Unforgettable Memories...

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And if we have not convinced you yet...


This program is completely FREE!


An equal opportunity...

We noticed that sometimes the number one reason why some students do not participate in college programs is because they cost a good amount of money which leaves out many great students with so much potential.

The Shadow Program offers the opportunity of growth to any student interested and willing to take their career to the next level. All you have to do is apply and be passionate about your future.


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