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Shadow Program | Fall 2017

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Shadow Program | Fall 2017
Taken on the first day of the program during the bed races. 


Every year, the Society of Hispanic Engineers chapter at Rutgers University hosts the biannual Shadow Program. This event is a two night stay at Rutgers University from thursday to saturday where students are exposed to different workshops and activities from different university departments. This year we made this event somewhat different. The Fall Shadow Program targets students in their senior year in high school.

The purpose of the fall program is to inform them of the different resources that they will be offered at Rutgers or any college they decide to attend. Many students find it difficult transition from high school to college, therefore the fall Shadow Program offers the students workshops on how to take advantage on the tools given by their university and also our organization.

This program also hopes to inspire students to become part of the Rutgers community and ultimately the SHE familia at the university since we hold this event prior to the application deadline for Rutgers. We provide the students with tours of the campus and different facilities so they can see if Rutgers might be a perfect fit for them.

We also encourage students to work in teams by creating several engineering and team building competitions that bring the small group of students together during this short time and connect with one another. Some might even become long time friends in the future with each other or with any of the volunteers of the program that offer mentorship and advice throughout the three days. The attendees are able to express themselves through these activities and go back home with more passion to pursue a higher education and become part of our community and that is our main goal as an organization.

We believe the outreach to our younger community is a major key to developing future generations in STEM fields and leadership among minority, therefore we encourage every junior or senior to attend the respective Shadow Program.

If you are a college undergrad and would like to volunteer in the planning and executing of this event, follow the link below.


If you are a high school student that would like to learn more and is interested in applying to this event, follow the link below.