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Shadow Program Team

The Shadow Program is a two event open to Seniors in the fall and a three day event open to both Juniors and Seniors in the Spring. The program is hosted by the Society of Hispanic Engineers at Rutgers New Brunswick. During this FREE event the students experience a series of workshops and activities that hope to motivate them to follow a higher education.



We are looking for driven volunteers that will help with tasks such as workshop planning, researching activities, publicity, company coordinating and proposals, department tours, and room decorations. Volunteers will be asked to attend the meetings prior to the event in order to coordinate with the entire team and have a balanced amount of work for the entire event. This is a great opportunity for students to get a leadership position and looks really good on any resume!

Team Leads
Mitul Asawla

Amanda Lescano

Luis Coronel


Community Service Team

The Community Service team is in charged of organizing and publicizing events in collaboration with nearby non profit institutions that are in need of volunteer work. Our organization runs under the pillar of community service and is something we continue to improve.

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Giving Back

We look for volunteers that would like to give back to their community by traveling to different institutions nearby such as animal shelters, food drives, and foster homes. The tasks that volunteers in this team will be doing are: getting in contact with nearby institutions, schedule a date and time for our volunteers to attend, publicize the event and be in charge of relying the information to the entire community service team.

Team Leads

Elisbelka Jimenez


'Noche de Ciencias' Team

Noche de Ciencias is a STEM based workshop that our organization brings to schools that might be interested. During these events volunteers are responsible for attending high schools interested in promoting STEM careers. Our organization provides the students with a STEM presentation, a hands on activity and financial aid information for parents and students.

STEM Outreach.png


We are looking for volunteers that will be willing to attend nearby schools and get in contact with counselors or teachers that might be interested in working together. Volunteers will also be in charge of the publicity of the event, researchingSTEM activities and creating a presentation about SHE/Rutgers/STEM/Financial Aid fields. 

Team Leads

Sheri Elsaker

Bayron Jaramillo



Development Team

The development team focuses on bringing professional and leadership workshops to high schools. During these workshops our team aims to facilitate the transition from high school to college by preparing the students and changing their mind set into that of a college student. We provide them with the necessary resources and advice through the implementation of various team building and leadership activities.

Professional and Leadership Workshop.png


We are looking for passionate volunteers that will be in charge of creating the engaging presentations and activities. Talking about professionalism to high school students can get boring therefore the volunteers are given the task to keep the workshops as interactive as possible. Volunteers will also be in charge of staying in contact with the school in order to maximize the publicity of the event, research professional or leadership based activities, contact possible speakers for the workshops. All volunteers are also required to dress professionally for these events in order to emphasize the purpose of the event.

Team Leads

Luis Coronel

Anthony Tenorio

Elisbelka Jimenez